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Jaide J.

In-Person 1on1 Training

"Daija's services have allowed me to feel more confident in my body. I also feel more knowledgeable when I go to the gym alone and being able to create effective workouts."

Kiana B.

Group Training

"Before training with Daija, I wasn't working out, didn't really know what to do and was struggling with eating 3 balanced meals a day.


I now know a variety of exercises to do and what my body can and cannot handle (yet). I know what I need to work on and it has become a habit to go to the gym and get my cardio & strength training in.


She is worth every penny. She's going to push you but she will recognize when you have reached your physical max. She pushes your limits and creates new ones. She cares about you beyond the client-coach relationship. She gets the whole mind-body-soul aspect of life and how each is intricately connected to the other."

Maya W.

Virtual Training

​"Before, I'd walk my dog once a day and I struggled with building determination and having the knowledge to create my own workouts.

NOW I am working out every other day and I've lowered my sugar consumption. I've lost a few pounds in just 4 weeks and I've noticed more definition. The thing that I enjoyed most were the weekly zoom coaching calls to discuss my goals, weekly training information, and my workout schedule."

Temica S.

In-Person 1on1 Training

"My experience with Daija was awesome. Daija is passionate about health & fitness. As a beginner, I never felt intimidated. I saw results after a few weeks of consistent cardio and strength training. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness journey.


Her personality is very welcoming, so you'll feel comfortable regardless of being a beginner or experienced."

Taylor M.

In-Person 1on1 Training

"Daija is amazing! She’s super bubbly and has great energy. She's very informative as well which makes me more comfortable executing the workouts assigned. She’s also very dedicated herself which makes her as professional as they come!"

Virginia H.

In-Person 1on1 Training

"I love how she pushed me and encouraged me when things were difficult. I didn't think that I'd be able to do it with my busy schedule, but she made sure that I had workout plans even when I couldn't get to the gym with her. Daija tailored a plan to help me with my previous knee injury that I was scared to work out with.

Her online coaching and personal training is great and you will thank her later."

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