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Rob, VA

Daija’s Recipe Ebook is beyond what you need: detailed in an easily readable manner while laying out directions that won’t leave you confused. The food selections are beyond manageable and will keep you physically responsible. I will continue to recommend and incorporate this into my daily eating habits....

Sierra M. , VA

I'm actually so happy that you made this. Even though I graduated from college with a degree in Health and Exercise Science, and took the appropriate classes for personal training, I still doubt myself. Your ebook is helping me realize I'm on the right path. I hope anyone else that bought this feels just as relieved and grateful as I do right now! 

Jasmine R. , VA

I absolutely love this recipe ebook. First and foremost, it's so convenient even for my busy lifestyle. The recipes are amazing and so flavorful and delicious. Also, I love how easy all the meals are to make. This ebook has definitely helped make meal prepping easier and better for me!"

Daja, VA

I just meal prepped 3 meals from your cookbook for the week and omg, they are soooooo good... and the ingredients are super minimal. 
I love that the most... 

By the way, the sauce for that shrimp and broccoli puts Chinese food out the window lmao. 
I’m loyal to any cookbook you make at this point!

Ceciley M. , VA

The ebook provides me with a variety of food options to keep me on track in making a healthier version of the foods I enjoy.

Shayla G. ,VA

"Everything looks great and the ingredients are simple and healthy. I'm a picky eater and I would love to give these recipes a try. I like that you have options also for the recipes that call for seafood."
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